How to Program a Cox Cable Remote Control to a Vizio TV

By Christina Shaffer

You can program your Vizio LCD or plasma television to your Cox Cable remote.
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If you're a Cox Cable customer, you can use your cable remote to control your television, as well as your cable box. As of time of publication, however, Cox's remote user guide doesn't include the television codes for Vizio televisions. Fortunately, the company allows you to locate the code for your Vizio television on its official site. Before you attempt to locate a code, have your Vizio television's model number ready. Locate your model number in your Vizio user manual, as well as on the back of your television.

Locate your Vizio Code

Step 1

Open your preferred Web browser, and go to the Cox Cable Remote Support website at

Step 2

Type "Vizio" in the "Brand" text field, and type your television's model number in the "Model" field.

Step 3

Click the "Search" button after entering the make and model of your television. You will be provided with the exact code for your device.

Program your Remote

Step 1

Turn on your cable box, as well as your Vizio television.

Step 2

Press the "TV" button on your remote, and then press and hold the "Setup" button until the "TV" button blinks twice.

Step 3

Enter the five-digit code for your Vizio television mode. The "TV" button will blink twice.

Step 4

Point the remote at your television, and press the "Power" button. The television will turn off.