How to Program the Comdial Impact Phone

By Chris Waller

You can program the Comdial Impact phone to save your frequently dialed numbers.
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The Comdial Impact is a model of business phone that can connect to your internal office phone system. It allows you to make and receive calls by dialing extension numbers within your own building as well asr outside numbers. Using the programmable buttons above the keypad of this phone, you can save several frequently dialed numbers, reaching important contacts or colleagues quickly by pressing a button. The programming process is easy to learn and remember.

Pick up the receiver of your Comdial phone. Press the "Options" button to access the menu screen for your phone. Press the "Next" button three times to move through the menu options and reach the programming menu.

Press the button that is under "SDIAL" on the display. This will start the speed dial programming process. Press one of the programmable buttons that you wish to store a number under, one time. Do not hold it down.

Press "Intercom" if you wish to program an office extension. Use the number pad to dial the extension as you normally would. Press the button that appears under "Save" on the display to save this extension to the programmable button.

Press the button you need to dial to access an outside number (usually 9), to program an external number. Dial the number as you would if you were calling this contact, including the area code and country code if it is long distance. Press the "Save" button to store this number to the programmable button.

Repeat Steps 2-4 to program each of the numbers you want to save into the phone. When you've finished with all the numbers, press the "Speaker" button to save your changes and exit the programming menu. To dial a programmed number, select an open line on your phone and then press the programmed button.