How to Program Codes on a Motorola Talkabout Distance

by William Pullman

The Motorola Talkabout Distance is a two-way radio used for short distance communication. Talkabout Distance radios feature "Interference Eliminator Codes" that can be programmed into the radio to cut out static and provide increased privacy when using the radio. There are 38 code settings available for use on your radio. Each radio that you want to communicate with needs to have the same code programmed in order for the radios to work.

Turn off the radio by turning the "On/Off" knob located on the top of the device counterclockwise. The knob will click when it is turned off.

Press the "Push-To-Talk" button on the left of the radio, and power on the device by turning the "On/Off" knob clockwise. The radio will audibly inform you of the code setting. For example, if the radio is set to the first code, the announcement will state, "Code One."

Scroll through the codes by pressing and holding the "Push-To-Talk" button. The radio will scroll through the codes in order and audibly announce each code.

Release the "Push-To-Talk" button when you hear the announcement of the code you want for your radio.

Push the "Monitor" button on the left of the radio to save the code setting.


  • close Using a code increases the privacy on the radio but does not make the conversation completely private. Use caution when communicating with the radio.

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