How to Program a Two-Line Caller ID on a Nortel T7316

By Miles Clarkson

Make the T7316's advanced programming features work for you.
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The Nortel T7316 phone has many powerful features, including a display with Caller ID capability. This display can be quickly updated to meet workplace needs.

Begin the programming session by pressing the "Feature" button. This is the one with the Nortel logo, located on the right just beneath the three display buttons. Enter feature code **266344, then enter the default password, "ADMIN", or 23646.

Press "Show" when you see "Terminals & Sets" appear on the LCD. Use the keypad to enter the internal number of the telephone or the voice mail extension. If the set already has a name, it will appear after the internal number. Press "Show" again, then press "Next".

Press "Change" when you see the LCD display the current name, then enter the name you want to appear using the keypad. The name can be up to seven characters long, including spaces. When you are finished entering the name, press the "Release" button, located to the left of the "Feature" button, to end the programming session.