How to Program a Bearcat 210 Scanner (4 Steps)

By Pamela Gardapee

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The Bearcat 210 police scanner has 10 programmable channels and pre-programmed weather channels. The scanner can be used with AC power as a desktop or installed in a vehicle with a car adapter kit. The scanner can be programmed with police, fire, ambulance and government frequencies local to your area. The transmission range will depend on your location.

Step 1

Decide what frequencies you will program into the Uniden Bearcat scanner. Use the list that comes with the scanner or find local frequencies at Radio Reference in the Resource section.

Step 2

Enter the frequencies into the scanner. Press the "Manual" button. Enter the frequency using the number keypad. Include the decimal when entering the number. Press "E" to set the number. Press "Manual" to move to the next channel and enter the next frequency. Continue until you have entered all of the frequencies you need. Note: If you make a mistake and need to enter the number correctly, press "E" and enter the new number.

Step 3

Block a channel from the scan cycle by pressing the "Lockout" button. Deactivate the lockout by pressing "Manual" and keep pressing the button until you find the channel that you locked out. Press "Lockout" to reactivate the channel.

Step 4

Delay the channel from scanning by pressing "Manual" repeatedly until you find the channel that you want to have a two-second delay on after the transmission stops. Press the "Delay" button when you find the channel. To deactivate the delay, press "Manual" repeatedly to find the channel and press "Delay."