How to Program an Adelphia Remote Control

By Michael E Carpenter

Programming an Adelphia Remote is a few clicks away.
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Adelphia remote controls are commonly used with Time Warner cable box sets. They can easily be programmed to control a wide variety of home electronics. The television, VCR and DVD players can all be controlled through the universal remote. The remote control comes with a user's manual that is very important to have access to when programming your remote. Each television has its own unique code that must be entered for the television and remote to connect to one another.

Step 1

Find the make of your television in the user manual of your that came with your Adelphia remote. The code will be either three or four digits long. Many television manufacturers will have multiple codes.

Step 2

Turn on the television. Take the remote and, while not facing the television, hold down the "TV" and "Select" buttons at the same time until the red light blinks twice on the remote.

Step 3

Enter the three- or four-digit code. If correct, the red light should blink twice. If it does not, enter the next code listed for the manufacturer.

Step 4

Test the remote. Turn towards the television and try adjusting the volume or channel. Also check to see if the remote turns the television off and back on using the power button.