How to Progam a GoVideo Remote

By Stephen Lilley

Go Video is a brand of combination DVD recorder/VCR devices made by a company of the same name. The remote control that comes with your Go Video device is universal, meaning it can be programmed to control other devices, such as a television set or stereo receiver. To properly program a Go Video remote, you need to find the remote codes for the devices you want to control.

Turn on whatever device you want to control with your Go Video remote. If it's your TV, turn on your TV. The major indicator that a universal remote has been programmed successfully is its ability to turn a device on and off.

Press and hold down on the button on the top of your Go Video remote that corresponds with the device you're trying to control. If you're trying to control your television, press the "TV" button on the top of the remote.

Enter the remote code for the brand of hardware you're trying to control. This remote code information is in a small pamphlet that came with the remote. For example, if Sony made the television you're trying to control, enter the remote code for "Sony" brand equipment that is listed in the Go Video remote's code list. Once you do this, release the button you were holding.

Press the "Channel Up" button on your Go Video remote until the device you are trying to control turns itself off. This is an indication that the Go Video remote has been programmed successfully. Press the "Power" button on the remote to turn the device back on and finish programming your Go Video remote.