How to Profit Selling Goods on eBay

by Contributor

A good profit can be made selling goods on eBay. Simply set the starting price at the profit-making minimum. But finding goods that sell well on eBay and marketing them correctly increase profit and makes sales happen. Profit making on eBay is not difficult. Read on to learn more.

Find goods that are in demand on eBay. After making a few initial sales, it is possible to take advantage of eBay's powerful search capabilities to discover which items sell and at what price. Research these and find a reliable source for the goods, consider ordering goods directly from overseas companies.

Sell used items only if they are in great condition. Many people have the mistaken idea they can buy used clothes at thrift shops and then sell them for large profits. This is simply not true. Even designer clothes with the tags still only sell for a few dollars unless they are by a much sought after designer.

Use key words and catch phrases that are familiar to eBayers to describe items in the title. Read through the titles of hundreds of items that have sold and learn the key phrases used to sell to veteran eBay shoppers. Most shoppers search for an item with just one or two key words--so use them.

Take well-framed photos. Frame the item correctly and the photo will sell the item. Take shots from various angles. Note all the defects in the description.

Start the auction at as low a price as possible. EBay shoppers are bargain hunters. Goods that are priced low attract bidders and any item with a bid placed on it will become a focus for that section of eBay. It is human nature to want what others have and items with multiple buyers have higher profits.

Ship sold items promptly. This is not only honest but also increases the buyer satisfaction score after successful bidders take note of good service. Higher seller numbers increase profits.