How to Find the Profiles of Yahoo Members (3 Steps)

by Ashley Donohoe
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Yahoo features an online community called Yahoo Pulse. You can use the site to post messages to friends or to create your own instant updates on your profile. In addition, it lets you search for members based on name, email address, location, school name or job name. If you need to find a member but do not know the person's Yahoo screen name, you can use Pulse's search options to locate the member.

Step 1

Visit the Yahoo Pulse Community page (see Resources) and click "Sign In" on the left corner of the page. Enter your login information and click "Sign In."

Step 2

Click "Find People" under the Yahoo Pulse logo and enter a name, email or keyword for the user you wish to find. Click the magnifying glass icon to perform your search and to view results.

Click a result that appears to view that member's profile. Click "Advanced" under the search box if you wish to filter your search results by location, name, school or work name. Click "Search" again to show the filtered results.


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