Problems With the Merc Stealth Keyboard

by Melissa King

The SteelSeries Merc Stealth illuminated gaming keyboard gives PC gamers a competitive edge with 34 dedicated gaming keys, an ergonomic design and backlight color and brightness selection. The Merc Stealth keyboard works with the included ZEngine software to produce superior results when gaming. You may experience problems with the Merc Stealth keyboard or the Z Engine software if you haven't installed the latest updates from SteelSeries.

Windows Compatibility

The Merc Stealth keyboard normally works without issue on computers running Windows. Microsoft and SteelSeries, however, have acknowledged that a problem sometimes occurs when connecting a USB device, such as the Merc Stealth keyboard, to computers running Windows 7. Running the keyboard software ZEngine in compatibility mode may provide a solution to these problems. To run ZEngine in compatibility mode, right-click the program icon and click **Properties**. Click the **Compatibility** tab and select **Run this program in compatibility mode**. Select a previous version of Windows from the list. Alternatively, consider upgrading your PC to Windows 10.

Key Problems

Pressing certain keys on your Merc Stealth keyboard may launch unexpected programs or utilities. This usually happens when you have the incorrect software installed. SteelSeries offers two similar gaming keyboards: the Merc and the Merc Stealth. If you installed the software for the Merc, you will likely experience this problem. Uninstall the incorrect software and then install the correct software for your keyboard. The keyboard's native shortcuts are another possible cause of this issue. Deleting them solves the problem. To delete the shortcuts, navigate to **C:\Program Files (x86)\Ideazon\ZEngine\Shortcuts** on your computer and delete all items in the folder.

Service Pack Problems

The Merc Stealth keyboard's software, ZEngine, sometimes crashes after installing Service Pack 1 for Windows 7. This happens if you use ZEngine version or lower. SteelSeries recommends uninstalling your current version of ZEngine and downloading the latest version of the software. To start the uninstall process, navigate to **C:/program files(x86)/ideazon/Zengine/ze_clean_content.exe** and launch the EXE file. After the tool runs and deletes the database file, open the task manager and terminate the "Zboard.exe" process. Find and delete the Ideazon folder in your program files and then run the uninstall tool. Once you uninstall ZEngine, download the newest version of the software.

Error Message

The "ZEngine has stopped working" error message indicates a conflict between the software and Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1. Upgrade to the latest version of ZEngine to correct the problem. Before upgrading, uninstall the current ZEngine version and restart the computer. When the computer reboots, navigate to **C:\Program Files\Ideazon\Z Engine\** and delete all files and folders. Go to the SteelSeries website to download the latest software and drivers.


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