Problems with an Insignia Plasma TV

By Corr S. Pondent

Plasma televisions offer consumers a high definition viewing experience.
i hi technology plasma monitor over white image by Anatoly Tiplyashin from

Insignia is the inhouse television brand of the electronics retailer BestBuy. The retailer positions the Insignia brand, which it sells exclusively, as a value offering. Consumers who have bought Insignia plasma television sets have complained about some problems. Among others, there are problems that are based on picture quality and display.

Picture Quality

According to a CNet review of an Insignia plasma television model, the Insignia NS PDP-42 has a picture quality problem because of a tendency to burn-in. Burn-in results when an image gets etched onto the television screen because it is in one place for too long a time. This sort of image retention is usually a problem when you first use a plasma television, for the first 100 hours or so of use.

Red Lines

Another problem that Insignia plasma television users have experienced relates to the appearance of two red vertical lines on the television screen. Although the image is otherwise fine, the two red lines appear. Technical support on user forums has attributed the red lines to poor solder connections.

Display Problems

Users have also complained on user forums about other problems relating to display on Insignia plasma televisions. The Insignia television screen has gone blank on some viewers; others have said that the screen did not display color and went into black and white mode. According to an Insignia plasma TV owner, at an Insignia user forum, "I was watching it (Insignia TV) this weekend, heard a pop and the picture went blank. Powered off/on, unplugged and plugged back in, tried different inputs, etc., but nothing changes - still no picture." The Insignia product has also been known to shut down on its own.