Printer Paper Stuck Around Roller

By Jocelyn Kerr

Remove paper debris from the rollers to clear a jam.
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Printers have one or more paper feed rollers, depending on the model. Most printers have removable covers so you can easily removed jammed paper. When paper is stuck around a roller, an error light or message will appear on your printer advising you that a paper jam needs to be cleared. Models with more than one roller usually indicate which roller is stuck. To help minimize the possibility of paper jams, always load standard-sized paper into the feed drawer.

Identify which roller has a paper jam. If you only have one roller it's obvious, but if you have a large printer with several rollers, check the error code in your manual to determine which roller is jammed.

Pop open the appropriate cover to access the roller. On some multifunction printers, you will need to lift the top panel as if you were changing the ink cartridges to access the roller.

Remove the paper from around the roller. Pull the paper carefully so you don't rip it and leave small bits of debris behind. Disconnect the printer from its power supply and use tweezers to pull out any remaining bits of paper as necessary.

Close the printer cover after the paper jam has been cleared. The printer will reset and resume the print job.