Printer Not Found on Google Chrome

By Kevin Lee

Connectivity issues can prevent Chrome from recognizing your printer.
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Google Chrome enables you to print to local printers, network printers or Google's Cloud Print service. A variety of hardware, software or network problems could prevent you from printing successfully. When you receive a message telling you that your printer is “not found,” you’ll need to do a little detective work to resolve the issue. The method you choose depends on your printing method.

Printing from the Cloud

Google’s Cloud Print service is a little like a fax machine. When you’re at work, for example, you can send a print job to your printer at home using the service. Cloud Print handles the details and prints your document on your home printer. If you have a Cloud Print account and cannot print because it cannot find your printer, verify that the printer to which you wish to print is turned on and connected to the Internet. Before printing to a Cloud Print printer, you must set it up correctly on your Cloud Print management page (link in Resources). If you cannot print to the printer after doing that, log out of your Cloud Print, log in again and retry your print job.

Installation Problems

An incorrect or incomplete printer installation may prevent you from printing to a local printer or to a Cloud Print printer. If you press “Ctrl-P” in Chrome and do not see your local or network printer in the Print dialog window's Destination section, press "Ctrl-P" in another application and see if that printer appears. If it does not, try installing the printer by plugging it into a USB port. Consult your printer’s manufacturer if you don’t have a USB connection or cannot install the printer.

Windows Diagnostics

Chrome, like all Windows applications, relies on print drivers to communicate with printers. Verify that your print drivers are up to date by visiting the support section of the manufacturer that makes your printer. The support section should show you how to install the latest print drivers If you need them. Microsoft also has a handy support page that lets you diagnose and fix printing problems automatically. Visit this site (link in Resources) and click "Run Now" to begin the diagnostic process. When it finishes, return to Chrome and try to print again.


After you press "Ctrl-P" to view Chrome's Print dialog window, you can click "Change" and then "Manage" to view the Control Panel that displays your installed printers. This panel enables you to to perform tasks such as setting a printer as your default printer and adding new printers by clicking “Add a Printer.” Double-clicking one of the printers displays a popup window that shows the printer’s status and all print jobs queued to the printer.