Printer Communication Problems

by Rhonda Campbell

Printer communication problems keep your printer from receiving messages from your PC. When this happens, despite how many times you send data to your printer, the document will not print. Sometimes restarting your computer and turning your printer off and on will resolve the problem. But more in-depth causes will take deeper examination and action.

Operating Systems

Many personal computers are packaged and sold with printers. In these instances, the printer operating system (OS) is compatible with the computer's operating system. When you purchase a printer separately from the computer, it is important you confirm the printer uses the same operating system your computer is built with. Different operating systems speak different languages and make it difficult or impossible for the computer hardware to interface with other devices.

Printer Driver

Printer drivers, also called print processors, use unique printing systems and interfaces to print images and text. The drivers are stored on the disks that accompany your new printer. When you follow the instructions located in the printer owner's manual and complete the software installation steps, documents should print easily. If the driver or software is defective, it will not receive messages from your personal computer.

USB Cable

Universal Serial Bus (USB) cables with A and B plugs, 3- to 15-foot extensions and 1.1 and 2.1 compatibility standards are needed. USB cables are sold for printers, monitors, fax machines and other technological devices. If you purchase the wrong USB cable, it will not fit your computer port, and that will prevent your printer from receiving print messages from your PC.

Memory Space

Lack of hard drive or Random Access Memory (RAM) space can keep your PC from communicating with your printer. Consider removing documents and files from your computer's hard drive and storing them on a removable disk.


Companies such as Uniprint, CNET and Microsoft provide printer drivers that operate on a variety of personal computers. The drives can be downloaded and installed so your printer will receive messages from your computer when you send documents to the printer queue. If your computer and printer drivers are compatible, make sure you have allowed the printer software to fully install on your computer, then send a test document to the printer to ensure the two applications are communicating properly. To print from your laptop, make sure you properly configure a wireless router.


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