The Printer Cannot Be Found

by Erin McManaway

If you have a printer installed on your computer that Windows cannot detect, you can try a few measures to troubleshoot the reason why the printer cannot be found. The issue can be caused by incorrect hookups, required upgrades or improper driver installation. The issue may also be caused by a faulty USB cord or troubles with the particular USB port on your computer.

Ensure that your printer's power cord is plugged in and that the printer power light turns on.

Ensure that your printer's USB cord is firmly plugged into the back of the printer and directly into a USB slot on your computer. Do not connect the USB cord through a USB hub to prevent connectivity issues.

Turn off the printer and reboot your computer. Turn the printer on once the computer has fully booted and determine if Windows can detect the printer upon startup.

Connect your printer using a different USB cord to determine if the issue may be with the cord.

Connect your printer to a different USB slot on your computer to determine if the issue may be with the USB slot.

Click the "Windows Update" icon from your computer's taskbar and install all the newest updates for your Windows operating system. Sometimes, this can install needed components for your printer drivers. Determine if your computer detects your printer upon reboot.

Download and reinstall printer drivers from the printer manufacturer's website. You may also be able to reinstall printer drivers from the disc that came with your printer.

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