How to Print From Windows Media Player

by Angela Odum

Windows Media Player allows you to easily play and organize your music and movie files. Windows Media Player also has the ability to create custom CDs and transfer files to a portable device. However, printing from Windows Media Player is not that simple. The print screen key does not work in Windows Media Player so that you can print screen shots. However, you can get the print screen key to work if you make the following adjustments.


Open Windows Media Player on your computer.


Select "Tools" from the drop down menu located in your tool bar. Select "Options," which is listed under "Tools."


Select the "Performance" tab in "Options." Click on the "Advanced" button. Deselect “Use overlays.” Click "OK."


Utilize your print screen key, which will now work to print screen shots from Windows Media Player.


  • check You can go to, which has several other methods of printing from Windows Media Player. You can try these options if you are having trouble with the above method.

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