How to Print Using a Wi-Fi Connection to a Canon MG5220 (10 Steps)

By Tyson Cliffton

A printer can be connected to a wireless network a few ways.
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You can connect the Canon Pixma MG5220 all-in-one printer to a wireless network and print from other devices connected to the same network. The speed of the printing and the quality of the print job varies depending on the strength of the connection between either device and the wireless access point.

Step 1

Press the down arrow on the circle that displays on the lower left side of the printer until Setup appears on the printer's display, then press the far right "Function" key from the row of three function keys directly beneath the display window.

Step 2

Press the right pointing arrow on the circle to highlight "Wireless LAN Setup," then press "OK."

Step 3

Press "OK" to select "Yes" to select a network to connect to.

Step 4

Press "OK" to select Easy Setup.

Step 5

Select the name of the wireless network you want to connect to, then press "OK."

Step 6

Press the far right "Function" key after arriving at a screen prompting you to enter either a pass phrase or security key.

Step 7

Enter the password or security key that corresponds with the wireless network you're connecting to using the directional arrows on the circle button to navigate to letters or numbers and the middle function key to select those characters. Press "OK" when this is complete.

Step 8

Press "OK" when a message appears notifying you that you're connected to the wireless access point.

Step 9

Ensure that your computer is connected to the same wireless access poin tas the the Canon MG5220 printer.

Step 10

Access the print options in the program you want to print from and ensure that you're set up to print to the Canon MG5220 printer. Choose "Print" to print your document.