How to Print a Template

By Caprice Castano

Templates are pre-set forms that can be anything from a business card to a full color business report with graphs. Templates have formats set with images or text already laid out in the document. They can be something as simple as a straight-line stencil you wish to transfer to another object or a multipage document you can personalize with your own text and information. Designed to be personalized and printed, templates are a great time-saver for many projects.

Locate and access the template you wish to use. If you have a program for home or business that contains templates, access the program and be sure any information you need to add in the template is complete. If you are printing a template from a website, download or open the template and be sure you have personalized it if necessary.

Click on the "File" tab at the top left corner of the template document. In the drop-down menu that appears, locate and click "Print Preview." This opens a new window that shows exactly what the document will look like when it is printed. Check to be sure all the elements are properly placed and within the page margins. Click "Close" at the top menu bar of the print preview window.

Adjust any elements that were outside the margins by clicking "Page Setup" on the "File" tab. On the menu that opens, adjust the margins to widen the printable area, check to be sure footers and headers are correct if you have any. You can also select the "Layout" tab to change the document orientation. When you have made your changes, repeat Step 2 and preview your document.

Print the template when your changes are set by clicking the "File" tab and choosing "Print." This will send the document to the printer to produce your template.