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by Faith Chandler

Print Shop is a desktop-publishing software created by Broderbund. Print Shop is available in several versions, from a pared-down 2.0 version to a professional-quality 23.1 Deluxe version. This software allows users to create stationery, cards, calendars and labels from scratch or with preloaded templates. The Deluxe version of Print Shop also includes some drawing and art tools for image creation and editing. A number of tutorials exist detailing how to complete projects in the software package.


Make greeting cards on Print Shop. The tutorial "How to Use Print Shop Software" at, describes in detail how to put together a basic greeting card. The tutorial provides screen shots of each step so users know exactly which tools to use and where to click on the Print Shop menus. The tutorial concludes by explaining the printing process and final assembly of a basic greeting card and envelope.


Peruse the scrapbook layouts and learn how to create new scrapbook pages. Follow along with the tutorial "Create a Digital Scrapbook Layout Using A Quick Page" at to start creating basic scrapbook pages. Discover how to start with preloaded scrapbook templates and designs in Print Shop and add information, photos and details to make each page unique.


Learn to enhance digital versions of your art for prints, cards and stationery. "Using Print Shop to Enhance Original Artwork" at guides the user through enhancing an uploaded image and placing it on a stationery layout for printing. The tutorial briefly describes fading edges of images, softening edges and adding drop shadows behind an image. It also links to other tutorials specifically aimed at artists who want to enhance their images for stationery and prints.


Learn to make labels by watching the YouTube video tutorial, "How To Make Labels — The Easy Way." This video provides detailed information about learning Print Shop, ordering label paper to your needs and creating labels.

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