How to Print the Screen on a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard

by Sam Foner
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"Print Screen" is a handy tool integrated into Windows operating systems. Using the "PrtScn" button, you may capture your entire screen, or just the active window, and save it as an image file to easily share and use. Most Microsoft Wireless keyboards have a PrtScn button, though you may be required to press "Fn" to activate the print screen command. To edit the screen capture, you may use Microsoft Paint or other image-editing software.

Step 1

Press the "PrtScn" button to capture your screen. PrtScn may also be written "Print Screen," "PrntScr" or "PRTSCR." If the PrtScn button is blue, you may have to press "Fn" to access the command.

Step 2

Press Alt-PrtScn to capture only the active window. If you have multiple windows onscreen, this combination will only print the contents of the currently highlighted window.

Click on "Accessories" from the start menu, then "Paint." Right-click and "Paste" to place the image in Paint for editing. You may either save the image immediately or edit it as you like.


  • PrtScn has a memory of only one capture, so you must paste each capture and save it before capturing again.


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