Print Screen Instructions

by Brendan O'Brien

Windows operating system offers a feature that allows you to capture what is on your desktop with an image and print it. This is extremely handy when you want to show someone an error that has appeared on your system or when someone is troubleshooting a computer. This functionality is extremely easy to use.

Line up the windows that you have on your desktop like you want them to appear in the image. Remember, the print screen function will capture exactly what you have on your screen.

Press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. This will capture the desktop.

Press "Alt" and the "Print Screen" keys on your keyboard together to capture only the active window on your desktop. The image of the screen shot is now on your clipboard.

Paste the image that is now on your clipboard into an email or document. A handy way to accomplish this is to press your "Ctrl" key and your "V" together. This will paste the image where your cursor sits.

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