How to Print Pictures From SD Cards

By Lindsay Howell

Secure Digital (SD) memory cards are small microchip-sized storage devices. They are usually used in digital cameras and camcorders to store videos and images. In order to print an image from an SD card, you must connect the card to the computer with a printer connected to it. You will be able to print any image you desire with a computer and printer.

Turn the SD card so the label is facing upward.

Slide the SD card into the SD card port of the computer.

Click the "View Folder" option when the "Autoplay" box appears. The SD card's folder with all of the files contained on the card will appear.

Right-click the picture inside the SD card's folder. Click "Print." In the Printer drop-down box, choose the printer that is connected to the computer.

Click "Print" to print the picture.