How to Print Photos Using Photo Paper

By Jennifer Magnesi

Choose the paper recommended for your printer.
i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Printing photos from your computer using high-quality photo paper gives you instant professional-looking photographs without the hassle of using a printing service. You can print photos on any type of paper that your printer uses; however, photo paper provides you with a glossy or matte finish appropriate for scrapbooking, framed photographs and photo albums. Photo paper is more expensive than printer paper; thus, you want to be sure you are using the settings for your printer that will give you the best result.

Choose photo paper that complements your individual printer. You will notice photo paper in a variety of brands and styles. In general, you should stick with the photo paper recommended by the manufacturer of your printer, as this will give you the best results. Choose from matte, satin or glossy photo paper, depending on what style you are going for; glossy is good for professional-looking photos while you should use matte if you want photos for other projects such as scrapbook graphics.

Set your printer's photo settings for a better photo printing result. By telling your printer what style and type of photo paper you are using, you can get a brighter and more crisp color photograph. To do this, you will need to go to your printer settings, which in most cases is under "Properties." Go to your start menu, click "Control Panel" and click "Printer." Right-click your printer and click on "Properties" or "Printer Properties." You will then have the ability to select your photo paper from a drop-down list as well as the quality of printing, which should be set at "Maximum DPI."

Load your photo paper into your printer according to the directions on the package. Depending on your printer, you may load it with the glossy side up or down.

Open the photograph you want to print by double-clicking it in the folder containing the picture file or by right-clicking the picture, and clicking on "Print." You will then see a prompt that allows you to select settings for your photograph, such as the size of the photo. Once you have finished selecting your settings, click "Done" or "Print," depending on your printer model.

Print your photographs one at a time to ensure each is printing correctly. After each photograph is printed, pick it up from the tray and place it face-up on a desk or table until the colors dry.