How to Print Photos on a Brother MFC-465

By Nade Xro

Print color photographs using your Brother MFC-465CN.
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The MFC-465CN is an all-in-one printer system created by Brother. It allows you to print in color, print photos, copy, scan and fax. It also has slots for media cards and USB flash drives, enabling you to print files directly from these devices. Before printing photos with this printer, you must make sure you have loaded the correct paper.

Insert Photo Paper

Pull the paper tray out of the bottom of the machine and lift up the cover. Press the photo bypass tray release button and push the tray backwards until it clicks -- this means it is in the printing position.

Insert the photo paper face down into the paper tray. Make sure that the paper is flat. Adjust the paper side guides to fit the edges of your photo paper.

Reinsert the paper tray.

Print From a Computer

Browse your computer for an image you wish to print.

Right click the photo and select "Print" to open a photo-printing wizard.

Select the Brother MFC-465 from the "Printer" list. Select 4x6 or 3.5x5 from the "Paper Size" list. Adjust the quality to your preference.

Select the number of copies you want and click "Print."

Print From a USB Stick or Media Card

Power on the printer and insert your USB or media card into the provided slot.

Press the PhotoCapture button to illuminate it in green. Scroll down and select "Print Index" to print out a thumbnail guide to the photographs on your USB stick or media card. Scroll down again and select "Print Photos."

Enter the corresponding number to the photo you wish to print -- this can be found on the index page. Repeat this process until you've selected all of the photos you wish to print, then press "OK."

Use the keypad to enter the number of copies you wish to print. Press "Color Start" to begin printing.