How to Print Multiple PDF Files Without Opening Each One

By Julius Vandersteen

You can print multiple PDF files without having to open all of them.
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You may routinely print documents such as books, product manuals and restaurant menus that are stored on a computer as PDF files. Documents saved in Adobe's Portable Document Format look the same on every computer, preserving the layout and fonts without the reader needing to have those particular fonts on his or her machine. If you need to print a large number of PDFs, you might want to use an application to batch print multiple documents without having to open up each one.

Step 1

Download the application Multiple PDF Printer 1.4.1 and install it (see Resources). Launch Multiple PDF Printer. Open a folder on your computer containing PDF files, and drag them to the application's file list. Click the "Print All" button, and the PDFs will print without you having to open them.

Step 2

Obtain the PDF Print Multiple PDF Files at Once application (see Resources) and install it on your computer (see Resources). Launch the application. Select the PDF files you need to batch-print, and then click the "Print" button. Print Multiple PDF Files will then print each of the files.

Step 3

Download PDF Print Multiple PDF Files at Once and install it (see Resources). Launch the application, and then select multiple PDF files. You can set it to print them in alphabetical order, or make a custom ordered list. You can set up the application to make a "Hot Folder" where you can drag PDF files and have them automatically print out.