How to Print .PDF Files

by Contributor

You may read PDF files often and wonder how people create them. Typically, you can print PDF files using PDF conversion software, such as PrimoPDF, doPDF or Pdf995 -- all of which are free. You can download one of these programs and print PDF files right from your computer.


Download and install PrimoPDF from This program lets you create PDFs by dragging and dropping files to convert to the PDF format. It works for any file that you can print from a traditional printer.


Use doPDF from This program installs to your computer as a virtual printer, allowing you to print documents to it -- by saving them in the PDF format -- instead of to an actual printer. DoPDF gives you two options for converting documents: by using the doPDF driver or by using the doPDF start-up window.


Visit and download Pdf995. The program's interface lets you click the "Print" option and then print to PDF instead of to a traditional printer. Pdf995 includes support for large-format printing, network file saving, Citrix/Terminal Server, shared printing and custom page sizes.