How to Print a PDF File With PowerDesigner

By Craig Witt

Printing to PDF is quick and easy in PowerDesigner.
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PowerDesigner is modeling and metadata management software created by Sybase. The program is designed to help large organizations with data modeling, information architecture and enterprise architecture. PowerDesigner supports a wide range of standards, including RDBMS, RTF and XML. As long as you have PDF creation software such as Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on your computer or network, printing from PowerDesigner to PDF is quick and easy.

Step 1

Open the document or report you want to print to PDF in PowerDesigner.

Step 2

Send your PDF printing request. Click "File" in the menu near the top of the screen and select "Print." When the Print dialog box appears on-screen, click the drop-down menu containing the printer name and choose the "Adobe PDF" option. Click the "Properties" button to adjust the print settings to suit your needs, and then click "OK." Once satisfied with your settings, click "OK" again.

Step 3

Give your PDF file a name in the resulting dialog box. Choose the location where you want it saved, and then click the "Save" button. A status bar tracks the progress of your PDF printing job, which can take several minutes to complete for larger jobs. Once the dialog box closes your PDF file is ready for use.