How to Print Pages on the iPad

by Danielle Fernandez
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Much like your computer, your iPad is capable of sending various types of files to a local printer that shares the same Wi-Fi network. When you create a word processing document using the Pages app, for example, you can print a full-quality hard copy without the need to transfer it to your computer first. Printers that are AirPrint-compatible will need no additional setup since they are equipped with the appropriate technology already. For non-AirPrint devices, however, you will first need to install a third-party AirPrint emulator.

Step 1

Determine if your printer is an AirPrint-compatible device by referring to the device's user's guide. There may also be a sticker or icon indicating the technology on the printer or original packaging. Apple provides a list of AirPrint-compatible devices as well (see "AirPrint Basics" in Resources). If your printer is not AirPrint-compatible, download and install third-party print server software like Presto, AirPrint Installer or handyPrint (links in Resources).

Step 2

Launch the Pages app on your iPad and open the document you wish to print.

Step 3

Tap the "Share" icon resembling a rectangle with an exiting arrow. Tap "Print."

Step 4

Select the printer from the list of available printing devices and enter your desired quantity of copies.

Tap "Print" to print the document.


  • Information in this article applies to iPads running iOS 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.


  • Third-party print server software acts as a receiver or AirPrint emulator on your computer, establishing a connection between your iOS device and a local printer. In order for it to work appropriately, ensure that the computer remains powered on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device.
  • Presto and AirPrint Installers are available for PCs whereas handyPrint is for the Mac. Presto requires a nominal maintenance fee but provides full support for business and enterprise printer configurations. The AirPrint Installer is free and was developed for a single, personal printer setup. The handyPrint software requires a small donation for use. The developers for both the Presto and handyPrint software offer free trials so you can test out your printer configuration before you commit to buying the full versions.
  • Some printer manufacturers -- HP and Canon, for example -- also provide iOS apps that support printing to specific wireless-enabled models of printers.


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