How to Print Pages on the iPad

By Danielle Fernandez

Printing isn't any different from your iPad than it is from your computer.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Much like your computer, your iPad is capable of sending various types of files to a local printer that shares the same Wi-Fi network. When you create a word processing document using the Pages app, for example, you can print a full-quality hard copy without the need to transfer it to your computer first. Printers that are AirPrint-compatible will need no additional setup since they are equipped with the appropriate technology already. For non-AirPrint devices, however, you will first need to install a third-party AirPrint emulator.

Step 1

Determine if your printer is an AirPrint-compatible device by referring to the device's user's guide. There may also be a sticker or icon indicating the technology on the printer or original packaging. Apple provides a list of AirPrint-compatible devices as well (see "AirPrint Basics" in Resources). If your printer is not AirPrint-compatible, download and install third-party print server software like Presto, AirPrint Installer or handyPrint (links in Resources).

Step 2

Launch the Pages app on your iPad and open the document you wish to print.

Step 3

Tap the "Share" icon resembling a rectangle with an exiting arrow. Tap "Print."

Step 4

Select the printer from the list of available printing devices and enter your desired quantity of copies.

Step 5

Tap "Print" to print the document.