How to Print Pages in Booklet Format

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

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Printing your document in booklet format allows you to save space and paper and read your document as you would a book. With a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, you have the option to print your document in a booklet format if your document has two pages or more. Word will turn your document layout into landscape mode so you can fold the pages in half, creating a spine similar to that of a book and read your document that way.

Open your document in Microsoft Word. Go to the "Page Layout" tab. While you can select the option to print in a booklet format later with your printer settings, you must configure the page layout first so that the options to print in the booklet format will appear later.

Click "Page Setup." You can find this arrow in the lower right-hand corner of Page Setup. Select "Margins" then click "Bookfold" in the Pages menu. Selecting the Bookfold layout lets you print two pages on one side so that it looks like pages in a book.

Configure your margins by typing a numerical value in the "Inside" and "Outside" boxes. Then click "Sheets per Booklet" to select the number of pages to include in a booklet. Your document will be adjusted to fit on a single page.

Click the "File" menu on the top-left corner of your screen. The menu will appear. Click "Print" then "Properties." Options that you can choose from will appear. Depending on your printer, check or uncheck the "Manual Duplex" box. This allows you to print your pages back to back or manually feed them to your printer.

Select "Print Preview." Clicking this option allows you to check your document first in the booklet format. If you are satisfied with the layout, click "OK" to print your file. The printer will receive the file and print your document in two pages for each sheet.