How to Print Page Numbers on Adobe Acrobat Documents

By Cooper Temple

Add page numbers to the header and footer sections in PDF files using Adobe Acrobat.
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Adobe's Acrobat line of portable document format, or PDF, writing programs is widely used. In addition to PDF creation, the programs have many editing features. Among these features is the ability to add headers and footers to documents, which you can do either automatically or manually. This is a convenient feature should you have to combine different PDF files into one and need to insert page numbers. You can print page numbers on Adobe Acrobat documents by following a few steps.

Click the "Tools" drop-down menu and select "Pages" to view a list of options. Highlight the "Header & Footer" listing, and select "Add Header & Footer." This process will work for all Adobe Acrobat programs (Standard, Pro and Suite).

Click once inside one of the six available header and footer sections in which you want to add the page number. Click the "Insert Page Number" button. This action will add the page number that corresponds with the page's position within the PDF file in the selected area. To begin page numbering on a page other than the first page within the file, click the "Page Range Option" link, and select the appropriate page.

Click the "File" menu, and select the "Print" option. Use the "Printer Name" drop-down menu to select a printer from which to print the PDF file. Click the "OK" button to print the Adobe Acrobat document with the page numbers that you added. Save your changes.