How to Print on Notecards

By Tina Amo

You can print a large number of note cards in a short amount of time with a text editing program.
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Handwritten notes are special, but it is both time-consuming and tiring to address note cards to a large number of people. This task may be even less exciting to those who are unable to write with fanciful fonts. Fortunately, it is possible to print note cards on a computer with a text editing program, such as Notepad. Notepad includes templates that you can select for your note cards. It also contains decorative fonts that you can use to address the cards.

Click the "Start" button, select "All Programs" and choose the "Accessories" folder. Select Notepad.

Click "File" and choose "Page Setup." Click the "Size" drop-down menu in the "Page setup" dialog box and select a page size for your note card. Notepad includes three common sizes for index cards: "3 x 5in.," "4 x 6in." and "5 x 8in."

Select "Landscape" in the "Orientation" category. Use the fields in the "Margins" category to adjust the size of the margins around the note card if you wish to print text in an area that is larger or smaller than the default. Click the "OK" button.

Click "Format" on the navigation bar and choose "Font." Select a font from the "Font" category and choose a size and style. Click the "OK" button.

Click "Format" and select "Word wrap." This option enables you to see all your text on the page without having to scroll to the right.

Type the text you wish to place on the note card. When you are ready to print the card, insert it into the printer tray and adjust the tray to suit the card. Click "File" and select "Print."