How to Print From a Notebook

by Greyson Ferguson
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A notebook computer, just like any other system, has the ability to print a document directly from a connected printer. Most printers now no longer require a driver to be installed to print a document, making the printer hookup process that much quicker. However, even if the notebook you are running does require this setup, it will only take a few moments to get ready to print documents from your notebook.

Step 1

Connect the printer to your [notebook]( computer through the provided USB data cable.

Step 2

Power on the printer and the computer reports it has detected a new printer. If it doesn't, you must install the drivers from the provided CD.

Step 3

Insert the driver installation CD into the disc drive of the notebook and wait for the installation wizard to load onto the screen. Accept the license agreement, then follow the prompts to completely install the drivers.

Open the document you want to print. Once it appears on the screen select "File," then "Print," and the printer settings appear on screen. Select the connected printer from the printer pull-down menu and click "OK."


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