How to Print on Large Envelopes

By Hal Bartle

If you are mailing important documents in a large envelope and you want it to appear professional, you should print the address and return address from your printer instead of writing the addresses by hand. You can type the mailing address and return address in your word processing software and print the addresses directly on the envelope in a size and font that you prefer.

Insert the envelope into the manual feeder on your printer. The printer manual will have directions on how to insert the envelope so that the addresses print correctly on the envelope.

Open your word processing software and select the "envelope" option. This option may be located under the "tools" or "format" section of your word processing software.

Type the addresses. You must type the mailing address in the address field and the return address in the return address field. Highlight the text of each address and adjust the fonts to your desired sizes and font.

Select the size of the envelope in the envelope options section. All of the standard size envelopes will be listed, up to the large envelope size of 8.5 by 11 inches or you can choose a "custom size" option that will allow you to designate the size of the envelope.

Review your addresses to make sure they are correct and print the envelope. The addresses will now be printed on the large envelope.