How to: Print Screen on a Laptop Using the FN Key

By Tara Kimball

Print Screen functions capture a screenshot image of your computer's desktop exactly as it appears. The print screen function is useful when you need to capture the precise message on your computer or keep a record of an application when you can not print. Laptop keyboards commonly combine the print screen function with another key's function, requiring you to use a specific key combination to capture your screen image.

Press and hold the "Fn" key. "Fn" is typically on the bottom row of the keyboard, on the far left side.

Tap and release the "Prt Scrn" button, commonly found in the top row on the right side.

Open a text editor or graphic editing document, right-click then select "Paste" to store the screenshot in a file.

Click "File" and choose "Save." Enter a file name in the field provided and select a location to save the file.