How to Print Labels on WordPerfect

by Elizabeth Wolfenden (brokenarts )

WordPerfect makes it easy to create and print beautiful labels in minutes. For those of you unsure how to print labels with WordPerfect, follow the instructions below, and you'll never have to waste too much time or money on labels again.

Step 1

Open a blank document in WordPerfect. Click on the word "Format" on the top toolbar and then click the "Labels" option. In the "Labels" list box that appears next, choose the type of labels you plan to use. This information usually can be found somewhere on your package of labels.

Step 2

Enter the text you would like to appear on the labels. After typing the text, check out the options on the formatting toolbar. You can use these options not only to ensure your text fits appropriately on the label, but also to make your labels more interesting. For example, you can change the size, color and style of the font, center your text or align your text to the far left or right, or add images or clip art pictures to the labels.

Step 3

Duplicate your labels. To do this, click the word "Tools" on the top toolbar and then click the "Merge" option. Next, click where it says "Form Document" and then click the "Create form document" option. On the next window, click to enable to "Use File" and click the "OK" button. Now click the "No Association" option, and click "OK" again. Finally, click "Options" and select the number of labels you want to print on each page. Click "OK" one more time and then click "Merge."

Step 4

Print out a test page. Many people choose to skip this step and put the labels into the printer right away. But if you made a mistake selecting the correct type of label or if your margins were off, it can cause you to waste an entire sheet of labels. Therefore, it's a good idea to print a test page first to ensure your labels look the way you intend.

Insert the labels into the printer face-down and begin printing. To print your labels, go to the word "File" on the toolbar and select the "Print" option.


  • Make sure to save your labels frequently to avoid losing any of your settings or data.


  • Using the "Print Preview" option under the "File" menu is also an effective way to determine if your labels will print out the way you intend.

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