How to Print Labels From a Notepad File

By Louise Balle

Many people use word processing programs such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect to create and print labels. But if you don't have a full word processor on your computer, you may be able to use Notepad, a program that usually comes pre-installed in new Windows-compatible computers. It can be a bit awkward to print labels from a Notepad file, but possible with a little trial and error.

Determine the size of each label by looking at the packaging on the label paper. In this example, we'll use a standard-sized label of 1 inch in height by 2.63 inches wide. You can fit about three labels across and 10 sets down the page.

Set the font size for the labels to 12 point by selecting "Format" then "Font" on the Notepad main menu.

Type in the first line of the first label that you want to print. For example, if you're printing a page full of addresses, the first line would be the first and last name of the recipient.

Tab over four times (a full tab in Notepad is equivalent to about 1/2 inch). You may have to adjust the spacing later once the labels are printed in a test run. Type in the next entry (first line only again). Tab over again (about four times) and type in the last entry for the first line of your label sheet. Press "Enter" to go to the next line.

Repeat the process from Step 4 for all lines of your labels, except place an extra line between the last line of the previous row of labels and the first line of the next row of labels. For instance, if these are mailing address labels, you will have an extra space between the "City, State, Zip" line and the subsequent line of "First Name, Last Name" entries. This allows for the space between labels when you print them.

Click "File" then "Page Setup." Set the left and right margins to 1/2 inch and the top and bottom margins to 1 inch each. Again, you may have to adjust these settings later.

Print the document on one page of your label paper---this will be a test page. Examine the positioning of the words to assure that they are inside of each box. If not, adjust the font, margins and tab spacing between each label entry to make the words fit.