How to Print Labels with a Laser Printer

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Do you need to designate items around your house or office? Do you want to look professional? With a laser printer and some basic software, you can print labels quickly, easily and with professional-looking results. Follow the steps below to learn how to print labels with a laser printer.

Step 1

Turn on your printer. Some laser printers may require a few moments to warm up.

Step 2

Decide which label you will be using. Look on the box of labels if you are unsure.

Step 3

Open your word processing software. The more powerful office applications may make your task simpler, but even the simplest applications have label-printing capability.

Step 4

Click the "Tools" pull down menu. This is usually found at the top of the screen.

Step 5

Select "Envelopes and Labels." Make sure you are in the "Labels" tab.

Step 6

Provide the information you wish to print in the designated area. Choose the type and size of the label and the product number.

Step 7

Click "Options" to specify custom sizing and margins. Make sure the information is correct.

Step 8

Select "Full Page of the Same Label" if that is your wish. Choose "Single Label" for just one.

Insert your labels into the manual feed of your printer. Click "Print."


  • Determine that the labels are inserted in the proper orientation.
  • Use Avery standard labels to simplify the process.
  • Be sure that the entered information is correct before selecting "Print."


  • Load your labels into the printer before engaging in the printing process.

Items you will need

  • Blank labels
  • Laser printer
  • Computer

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