How to Print Labels From Your Computer's Printer

by W. P. Wentzell

Labels are used for a variety of purposes, from mailing addresses to CD stickers. Using a household ink jet or laser printer, one can print custom labels from the comfort of home. Labels come aligned as stickers on pre-scored sheets of paper, and usually many labels exist on one sheet. Multiple labels can be printed using a label template in a word processing software application on a home PC. Finding the correct template is necessary to properly print labels from home.


Load the unprinted label paper into your home printer. Make sure to arrange the paper so the printer imprints on the sticker side of the paper.


Download the appropriate template for your labels from the company's web page. The label type and number is usually printed clearly on the front of the label package. Refer to this information on the company's website. Save the template on your computer.


Open Microsoft Word, an Adobe program, or another word processor, and click "File" then "Open" on the main toolbar. Navigate to the folder where the template was downloaded and click "OK."


Edit the labels using the word processor. Enter text or pictures to print on the labels.


Click on "File" then "Print" from the main toolbar at the top of the screen. At the preview screen, check the orientation of the labels to ensure they align correctly. Click "Print."


Review the printed labels for any overprinting or misaligned text.

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