How to Print on Index Tabs

By Tiesha Whatley

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In a busy office that deals with lots of folders and binders, index tabs can be a life-saver when identifying groups of printed data. Although you can write on the tabs using a pen, it is much easier to print them off, especially when you use them more often than not. The index tabs usually come in sheets of perforated tabs that are easy to insert into a printer. A valid way to print on index tabs is to set up a document in Microsoft Word or another word-processing application that will allow you to print a sheet of tabs.

Step 1

Document the tab's product or template number. On the index tabs, there is usually a product or template number that tells you what pre-formulated Word template to use to print on them.

Step 2

Open a new blank document in Word. Click on the Office button and then "New" in Microsoft Word 2007 or "File" and then "New" in Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier. Choose "New Blank Document" and click "OK."

Step 3

Set up the new document to match the sheet of tabs. Click on "Tools," "Letters and Mailing" and "Labels" in Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier. In Word 2007, click on the "Mailings" tab and then the "Labels" button. In the box that appears, click on "Options." Scroll through the "Product Number" field until you see the product that matches the index tabs that you have. Click on it, and click "OK." Click "Add to Document" to format the main document of the index tabs.

Step 4

Add the text to each tab that you want to print out, and format it. You can add wording to all the tabs, to just a few tabs or to just one.

Step 5

Print the index tabs. Click on the "Office" button, and then "Print" in Word 2007. In earlier versions of Word, click on "File" "and "Print." When the "Printer" dialogue box appears, click on "Properties" after choosing the correct printer. Choose the manual feed tray as the tray the printer should pull the paper from. Add the sheet of index tabs to the manual feed tray, and click "Print."