How to Print iCal Calendar Pages As a Planner

By Sophie Southern

The Mac operating system, Apple's OS X, comes with iCal, which lets you organize your schedule with multiple calendars, recurring events, alarms, to-do lists, notifications, subscriptions and more. If you take the time to use the many features of iCal, rewriting everything you have to do into a day planner may seem like an enormous waste of time. Instead, you can print out your iCal calendar pages to make your own planner with all of your important meetings, appointments and events already included.

Click the iCal icon in your Dock to open iCal. If you don't have iCal in your Dock, you can access it through your "Applications" folder.

Select "File," then "Print from the top menu bar. Under the "View" heading, click the tab and select "Week" if you want a weekly view for your planner or "Day" if you want a daily view.

Type the number of weeks or days you want to include in your planner. If you want to create a planner for the year, enter 52 weeks or 365 days.

Check the boxes next to the iCal calendars you want to include in your planner.

Select the events you want to include in your planner under the "Options" heading. Check the "Mini calendar" box to include miniature versions of the current, previous and upcoming months in the top-right corner of each page.

Click the tab to select your text size. If you intend on printing multiple weeks on one page, small text is best.

Click the "Continue" button. Under the "Layout" heading, select the number of pages per sheet you want to print. Choosing "2" in the drop-down menu next to "Pages per Sheet" will include either two weeks or two days on a single sheet of paper, which you can fold in half in the middle to create your planner.

Select your printer and click the "Print" button.