How to Print Front & Back in Word 2007

by Patrick Phelps

Printing on the front and back of a piece of paper, known as duplex printing, reduces paper usage, can cut expenses and adds to any green initiatives that you or your company may have in place. Microsoft's Word 2007 allows for duplex-capable printers to automatically set the printing properties for documents created in Word. If you have a multiple page document and a duplex-capable printer connected to your computer, choosing duplex printing takes just a few steps.


Open up a multipage document in Word. You must have the document you wish to print as the active document before printing.


Click "File" from the menu bar in Word. This will open up a window with several options.


Chose "Print." Once pressed, all the available printers to which you can print will open in a dialog box.


Select the duplex-capable printer you wish to use.


Click on "Printer Properties." Depending on your printer and print driver, you will have many options of how you want the document printed.


Choose "Two Sided Printing." This setting will tell the printer that you want to print the document in duplex mode.


Select "Apply." This will lock in your print settings.


Enter the number of prints you want and press "OK." This will send the Word document to the selected printer where it will be printed with the appropriate settings.

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