How to Print a Facebook Profile

By Matt McGew

A Facebook profile features information about a person's education, work, philosophy, interests and hobbies. Additionally, profiles typically include contact and location information. Since every Facebook member sets up his own profile, every profile page contains varied information. You can print any of your Facebook friends' profiles or your own directly from your Web browser.

Double-click the icon for your Web browser.

Enter "" in the browser's search bar and press the "Enter" or "Return" button on your computer keyboard.

Enter your Facebook email address and password and click the "Log In" button.

Enter a Facebook friend's name in the Facebook search bar and select your Facebook friend from the list of friends that matches your search query. Alternately, to print your own profile, remain on your homepage.

Click the "Info" link on the left side of the Facebook window.

Click "File" from your Web browser's main toolbar and select the "Print" option.

Click the "Print" button to print the profile.