How to Print Envelopes Through iWork Pages

by K.C. Winslow

Print envelopes on a Mac OS X computer using Pages, an application included with Apple's iWork suite of productivity applications. Pages includes 17 templates for envelopes ranging from basic text to stationery styles. You have the option of printing a single envelope using details you enter directly into the template or of creating multiple envelopes with different addresses from a group in your Apple Address Book.


Go to the "Applications" folder in the Finder and double-click "Pages." The "Template Chooser" window opens.


Click "Envelopes" and browse through the available templates. The "Classic Envelope" is a basic, text-only template. Click on an envelope template to select it and press "Choose." The template opens as a new document.


Click on the placeholder text and begin typing to add your text to a single envelope. Go to the "Edit" menu and select "Mail Merge" to create multiple envelopes from the information in your Address Book.


Go to the "File" menu and select "Page Setup." Choose the desired envelope size using the "Paper Size" menu. If the envelope size is irregular, select "Manage Custom Sizes" and add the envelope dimensions manually. Click "OK."


Load the envelope or envelopes into the printer according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Go to the "File" menu and select "Print." Click "Print" to print the envelope or envelopes.

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