How to Print Envelopes With a Brother MFC-685CW

by Jessica Jones

Printed envelopes add a professional appearance to any business or personal correspondence. When using a Brother MFC-685CW printer, it is best to use the recommended envelope sizes to prevent envelopes from becoming stuck. There are several sizes to choose from to suit your needs. Use the sizing guide on the feeder tray to keep envelopes in place during printing. After printing, attach a stamp and place envelopes in the mail for delivery.


Flatten the envelope by pressing down on all sides to prevent the corners from becoming stuck in the printer. Acceptable envelope sizes include C5, DL, Com-10 Monarch and JE4. The paper weight of envelopes should be 20 to 25 pounds with thickness up to .02 inches. Do not try to load more than 10 envelopes into the Brother MFC-685CW at a time.


Open the top of the printer. Place envelopes in the feeding tray, address side down. The leading edge (side opposite the flap) goes into the printer first. Move the sliding paper guide against the side of the envelope to hold the envelope in place.


Use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word to create a printed address. Microsoft Word contains a template for printing envelopes. Open this template and fill in the appropriate boxes with delivery and return addresses. Use the "Options" button to select the size of the envelope and font style and size. Click "Print" when ready.

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