How to Print an Envelope on a Brother 2140

by Bonnie Conrad

The Brother HL-2140 is a laser printer for home and small office use. This printer can handle standard paper media in multiple sizes, as well as printing on envelopes, transparencies and labels. Your Brother HL-2140 printer offers a manual feed slot for envelopes, so you can print professionally addressed envelopes. Though it offers a 250-sheet input tray for paper, you can only print one envelope at a time.

Pull down the thin handle at the top of the back cover. Open the back cover of the Brother 2140 printer.

Open the manual feed slot cover located at the front of the printer. The cover is located just above the paper tray and just below the word "Brother" on the front of the unit.

Slide the manual feed paper guides until they match the width of the envelope you need to use. Load the envelope into the tray.

Open the file you want to print on the envelope. In the software program, choose "File" then "Print." Choose the envelope size from the "Paper Size" or "Media Type" drop down menu in the printer dialog box that appears. Click "Print."

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