How to Print Dymo Labels in Word

by Ruby Neusom
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Dymo's dedicated label printers are helpful for poeple who use a lot of labels. Dymo printers connect directly to your computer and print one label at a time; they can handle a wide wide range of label types, from mailing addresses to bar codes. Dymo offers an add-in program for users of Microsoft Word to create and print labels directly from Word documents.

Step 1

Download the Dymo label software, which includes an add-in for Microsoft Word. If you don't have the software CD that came with your Dymo labeler, download it directly from Dymo's website.

Step 2

Open Microsoft Word. There should be an icon of your Dymo labeler in the toolbar.

Step 3

Type and highlight the text you want to print on a label.

Step 4

Click the Dymo icon, or choose the Dymo option from the Tools menu. A dialogue box will appear. The highlighted text will automatically appear in the Recipient Address field; you can edit any field as necessary.

Step 5

Choose the appropriate label file from the Label Files drop-down list.

Click "Print Label" to print.


  • The add-in program supports Microsoft Word 97, 2000 and XP for Windows and Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac. If you are using another operating system or another version of Microsoft Word, consider using Dymo's application to create and print your labels.
  • If the add-in icon doesn't appear in the toolbar or Tools menu, reinstall the Dymo software.


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