How to Print Dymo Labels in Word

By Ruby Neusom

i Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Dymo's dedicated label printers are helpful for poeple who use a lot of labels. Dymo printers connect directly to your computer and print one label at a time; they can handle a wide wide range of label types, from mailing addresses to bar codes. Dymo offers an add-in program for users of Microsoft Word to create and print labels directly from Word documents.

Step 1

Download the Dymo label software, which includes an add-in for Microsoft Word. If you don't have the software CD that came with your Dymo labeler, download it directly from Dymo's website.

Step 2

Open Microsoft Word. There should be an icon of your Dymo labeler in the toolbar.

Step 3

Type and highlight the text you want to print on a label.

Step 4

Click the Dymo icon, or choose the Dymo option from the Tools menu. A dialogue box will appear. The highlighted text will automatically appear in the Recipient Address field; you can edit any field as necessary.

Step 5

Choose the appropriate label file from the Label Files drop-down list.

Step 6

Click "Print Label" to print.