How to Print on DVDs

by Kate Evelyn

There are several reasons you may want to print on DVDs. Perhaps you are using them as promotional items, holiday gifts or band demos. Having a custom picture and text on the DVD can make it look much more professional than if you simply write the title of the DVD on the label with marker. To print on DVDs, you must have a printer that accepts DVDs, such as an Epson photo printer with a DVD printing capabilities. A traditional paper tray will not feed a DVD.

Install the software that came with your printer onto your computer. Boot up your PC and insert the software DVD in your DVD drive. The program should automatically launch on start up. If it doesn't, go to My Computer and click on the icon for the drive. If you've misplaced your CD, go to your printer manufacturers' site and download it from there. Follow the on-screen installation instructions to install.

Turn on your printer and put your DVD that you want to print on in the DVD tray of your printer (see Additional Resources for more information on compatible printers). In most cases, it is in the front. It looks like the DVD drive on the computer and works in exactly the same way. Make sure to place the DVD label side up. Also, if your printer has an Automatic Feed option, switch it to the Manual setting. After inserting the DVD, your software will automatically launch on your computer.

Open the "File" drop down in your printing software and pick "New." You will get a template that looks like a DVD, complete with the hole in the middle. Insert your image of choice from your file library by going to "File," browse to the image file and click "Insert." Then edit it and add text using the provided tools.

Select "Print Preview" from the File menu to see how your DVD will look when printed. When you are satisfaction with the final result, go to the File menu and select "Print." After the DVD has printed, be careful not to touch the wet ink.

If desired, insert another DVD and repeat Steps 1 through 4. You must print on additional DVDs one at a time. Do not tell the printer to make multiple copies because you must insert a new DVD in the printer each time.


  • check Before printing directly onto your DVD, you may want to do a test print using a sheet of paper. Trim a piece of computer paper to DVD size and place it in the printer tray. If you don't have printable DVDs or a printer that can do the job, you can achieve a similar effect by printing your design onto DVD labels and applying them to your DVDs. You can buy printable DVD labels at most any office supply store. Printable DVDs can be hub or nonhub, which describes how close your printing can get to the center of the DVD.

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