How to Print DVD Labels With an Inkjet Printer

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Printing labels, whether they are for a DVD or a CD, with an inkjet printer is fairly simple, and while it will require some specialized software, odds are that you already have it installed on your computer. The great thing about modern computing is that everyone in the industry assumes that people are creating media in their homes, so you have a lot of options. While it is important to follow copyright laws, it is perfectly legal to create a backup of a CD or DVD you already own.

Acquire the physical labels. You can find printable labels in any store selling printer paper. A number of companies manufacture and distribute blank DVD and CD labels that are designed to be used with an inkjet printer. You will also need publishing software to design and print your labels.

Design your label with the publishing software. The exact steps will vary depending on how you want your label to appear and the software you are using. If you are making a copy of a DVD, it may be difficult to find the exact art appearing on the original. You may have to go to a pirate Web site to find the artwork. Try the newsgroups as well.

If you are designing an original DVD label, then you will have a number of options. If you just want text, create text areas and fill them in with the desired information. If you are using pictures, fit and size them. Take your time and make your DVD label look great.

Put the blank DVD labels into the inkjet printer's paper feed.

Click "Print." Your software will probably ask you about your blank DVD labels. Input the product information to get a properly lined up label. Your labels should now print on your inkjet.

Carefully peel the new label off of the backing and apply it to the DVD. Some products, such as Mediaface, provide a device to help you line your labels up perfectly. Because your DVD labels have adhesive backing, you only get one shot to apply it, so be careful and take your time.

Firmly press the label to the DVD. Examine it to be certain that you have lined it up properly. If it is not lined up and paper hangs over the edge, you could damage your DVD player.


  • check The plastic DVD/CD protectors that come with blank spindles make great bases to set your DVD down upon while you press the label onto the disk.
  • check When you buy blank DVD labels, if you spend a little more money, sometimes you will get publishing software to help you design the labels.
  • check Many of the DVD/CD label packs will contain a variety of label types. Be creative!
  • check MediaFace, iTunes, Nero and Windows Media Player all have bundled software to help you create a CD or DVD label using your inkjet printer.

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