How to Print to a Cursive Font

by Leyla Norman

Several cursive fonts are available in most word processing software programs. Some can be made by italicizing a print font. Some are difficult to read in a normal-sized font, around 12 point, so making them bigger can help you to read them more easily. Beware of downloading too many fonts. Your computer may experience problems, such as not being able to print from PowerPoint.

Open your word processing software. Find the toolbar at the top of the screen. Look for a drop-down menu that allows you to change the type of font you are using. The box may say something like "Times New Roman" as the current default font.

Click on the arrow to the right of the current font. A list of different types of fonts will drop down. In some word processors, an example of what the font looks like will appear with the name of each font. For example, when you see "Times New Roman," it will be written in the style of font that represents Times New Roman.

Scroll down in the menu until you find a cursive-style font that you like. Some common ones include the word "script" next to them, such as "Brush Script MT."

Click on the cursive font name that you like. Click back on the page you will type on. Begin typing. If you do not like the way the cursive font looks on the page, highlight it and select another type of cursive font. Change the font to bold or to italics to change the way fonts look as well. Some fonts, such as Times New Roman, can look like they are cursive fonts when they are italicized.

Print your document as you would any other document. In Microsoft Word, click "File" and then "Print." Pressing CTRL and "P" at the same time will also initiate the print command.


  • check If your font menu does not include an example of what the font looks like in the drop-down menu, type a few words on the page. Highlight the words and then select a new font to see if it is a cursive font. The text you typed and highlighted should change when you click on the new type of font.
  • check Download free cursive fonts if you do not like any of the pre-loaded ones in your word processor.
  • check Follow the process of choosing a cursive font for word processors for other programs such as spreadsheet and presentation software.

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