How to Print Clear Labels

by Rebecca O'Brien

Clear labels are stylish and eye-catching for a number of uses. They look fantastic on home canned preserves and add a more professional air to business mailings. The cost of custom printing is high and often unjustified, especially if you only need a sheet or two. Fortunately, you can purchase sheets of clear labels at office supply stores and print your own on an ink-jet printer.

Print Clear Labels in Microsoft Word

Create a new document using the template for your label's size. You can find the label size on the package the labels came in.

Create the label. Type and format the information, or copy and paste it if you've already designed the label.

Print a test sheet. Print one sheet of labels to make sure the margins of each label are correct.

If the labels printed correctly, print the remaining sheets you need.

Save the document. Since you know this document prints correctly, you can use it as a template for future label sets.

Print Clear Labels in OpenOffice

Create a new label document. Click on "File," then "New" and select "Labels."

Set the label type. In the dialog box, select "Brand" and "Type." Click on "New Document."

Style the label. Use the editor to create a new label, or copy and paste one you've previously created.

Print a test label. Only fill in the first label box before printing the page to ensure it correctly falls within the margins.

Fill in the other boxes. Copy and paste the first label into the other label boxes before printing the final copy.


  • check If you don't have a Word template for your labels, but they have an "Avery Label" code, visit Avery's website to download a .doc file to format your labels.


  • close Do not use labels made for ink-jet printers in laser printers.

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